Welcome to APTED

The Association of Professionals Treating Eating Disorders (APTED) is non-profit organization comprised of a loose affiliation of professionals working in the Eating Disorder field. We work in conjunction with many other non-profits in the greater San Francisco Bay Area. Our goals include improving efforts in prevention, early detection, direct treatment and training, so as to lessen the incidence of eating disorders and to improve identification and treatment. We are also actively involved in training professionals, so as to provide the best possible treatment of eating disorders.

APTED also welcomes participation of people in recovery and their family and loved ones. We will be working to more actively engage people in recovery (and their loved ones) to get the treatment and support they need, mentoring they need, and offer opportunities, for those who are themselves moving into stronger recovery, to mentor and/or volunteer in other ways to support those still suffering.
Together, we (and our “sister” non-profits) work to increase prevention efforts, reaching out to schools, school counselors, and students in middle schools, high schools and colleges. We also work to increase efforts in better informing professionals, so that pediatricians, physicians, dentists, and other providers can better identify eating disorders, and help with early detection and intervention.

We welcome you to our site, and invite you to participate in our organization, whether you just need to visit the site to get referrals, learn about various treatment modalities, or whether you are looking to get more involved as a professional, a student in one of the related professional fields which work with eating disorders, or whether you are someone in recovery or a family member.